“OUTLIERS” Winter 17 Lookbook

The “OUTLIERS” collection will be available in the SHOP  Tomorrow! Sizes are limited, DON’T SLEEP!

Model: Gary

Photography: Cassandra Hastu

*Ps: If you could PLEASE share this around it would be GREATLY appreciated!


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Here we are, another year on the books.

It’s crazy to think that I’ve kept this up for 8 years as I don’t think I’ve done anything (day in & day out) for this long. I guess it can be boiled down to self-expression. By nature, I’m that outspoken wear your heart on your sleeve type of dude & when I stopped playing in bands years ago, that need to create only became stronger. I needed a constructive outlet that I could direct my discontent, anger, passion & love too & Still Proud became that vessel. Let’s just say that it’s carried me through A LOT & I have no one to thank other then you for the years of support!

Our 8 year release was a fun one to put together! With a mix of some long out of print & new items, I think it’s a nice embodiment of who we’ve become to be as a brand, in a market that’s (let’s be honest) overly saturated with mindless bullshit.

On that note, check out our lookbook below:

Our very limited release will hit the Shop TOMORROW (8/30/17), DON’T SLEEP!

In conclusion, thank YOU for believing in what I do, it means more then you will ever know!



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Shipping Rate Changes…

In such an online E-commerce society, we all know that Shipping anything these days is not exactly cheap. What you may not know is that Shipping rates every year tend to go up, for whatever reason and it tends to affect smaller businesses like SP, the most. Last year after some review, I realized I was operating our store with 2012 shipping rates. So thus, I was losing money which warranted an adjustment. That increase most definitely hurt us a bit with our International customers but at the time it was the right thing to do.  Since increasing the rates, It’s always nagged at me bc when you pour your heart and soul into a project and are the small fish in a huge ocean, every sale matters.

So I decided to revisit our rates and make what changes I could:



I couldn’t adjust the base rate much for 1 item, but the real savings come when you add multiple items to your cart. To note, the above prices are based on T-Shirts so other heavier items (Hoodies/ Windbreakers etc) may have different pricing. These rates are also subject to change based on Annual increases, but know that I will do everything in my power to keep them as cheap as I can! Since starting this brand back in 09, transparency has always been important to me because the last thing I want you to feel like, is that you’re being ripped off. I hope you guys are stoked on this. On that note, get ready for tomorrow’s release!




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“TAINTED YOUTH CREW” Summer 17 Lookbook


The “Tainted Youth Crew” collection will be available in the SHOP on Friday (6/2/17)! Sizes are limited, DON’T SLEEP!

Model: David

Photography: Davin Phelps

*Ps: If you could PLEASE share this around it would be GREATLY appreciated!



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Summer’s Coming

Although it may seem to the contrary, Things have been anything but quiet around the SP headquarters lately. Amongst the hustle & bustle of working my full time job & dad life, I’ve been busy unpacking/ repacking our gear & working on getting our store ready to roll on the backend. I was hoping to drop the gear by now but due to various time restraints and scheduling with getting our lookbook shot & ready, it’s been a bit hectic and delayed.

With that being said, over the weekend we shot our lookbook and are currently busy burning the midnight oil on editing photos. Look out for the book to be live on the site hopefully on Wednesday!

 I’m hoping to drop the release sometime over the weekend. It’s been months since we dropped anything brand new, I know, but I guarantee the wait will be worth it! To hold your curiosity at bay for a little, how about some sneak peeks:

Stay tuned for more information & teasers throughout the week, we’re getting close & please repost this link around your various social networks!

Until next time,


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After much request, I decided to bring back 3 of our most recent popular pieces from the last few years. The super limited Restock features new colorways & for the first time: Tank-Tops! Grab the limited Restock here while you can!

Other then that, stay tuned for announcements on our upcoming Spring/Summer release. The heat’s coming…


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“OPPOSITION” Winter 16 Lookbook

The signs are all around us. It’s in the articles we read, the overall sentiment of the coffee-talk conversations you overhear, and at times so seemingly thick in the air we breathe. Past the glitz & glamour of pop-culture and the mindless control of mainstream media, there’s turmoil surrounding us. Injustice & oppression are everyday news and it’s something we see so much on a never-ending basis that we’ve become immune to it. Something has to change, and this collection embodies our stand. Join the OPPOSITION:


opposition-coverimg_8097img_8158 img_8209img_8193img_8213img_8256img_8272-copyimg_8297img_8330img_8300img_8344

The “Opposition” collection will be available in the SHOP on Friday (12/2/16)! Sizes are limited, DON’T SLEEP!

Model: Josh

Photography: Cassandra


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DJAMHELLVICE “Blague Triste” Music Video

Been a minute since we’ve been in a music video so I was stoked to be sent this one from across the pond. This clip comes to us from the homie DJAMHELLVICE out of Paris which some of you may know from his time in Providence. Big-ups for repping our long out of print  Snapback! Please be sure to spread this video around, it’s a banger!


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7 Year Lookbook

It’s been such a humbling experience running this brand for the last 7 years. One in which (time willing) I’ll hopefully get to elaborate more on later. Some of you that have followed along with the brand for years, may have started families of your own, or have been asking me to print on certain items that I’ve sorely neglected. Well rest easy. Although this is a small collection, it’s one I’m very proud of! Over the weekend, we had a lot of fun shooting myself and my daughter in & around our apartment. Without rambling on, let’s get to the reason you’re here! I give you, our 7-year collection:

cover6847img_6863img_6656 img_6687img_6717img_6791

Our official 7-year release will hit the Shop on WEDNESDAY morning!

Photography: Cassandra


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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop


I can’t believe that there’s just a few months left of 2016, what a crazy year it’s been! In hindsight,  I wish I would have been a little quicker on the trigger with releases but it’s been hard, being a dad now as well as balancing a full-time job yada yada. While it may seem quiet around here with little signs of life on the blog, rest-assured I’ve been busy as hell behind the monitor. I’ve been finalizing our big Winter release, working on a new website (I know right, finally!), hashing out my 2017 plans and also bringing to print other drops before Winter hits!

On that note, 2016 marks my 7th year of running SP! To commemorate this accomplishment, I put together a small release bringing back an old favorite (with a new face) and 2 items I have yet to put out! Before we conclude, enjoy this little teaser:


Something for the little Proud ones…unnamed-1

FLAGS, yup!unnamed-4unnamed-2

I’m currently hashing out the release date but it’ll definitely be within the next 2 weeks, so stay posted!

Thanks for tuning in & we’ll talk SOON!


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